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This is more or less a weblog of a guy with a mind control kink. I like games, cooking, and programming and am honestly the most hyperactive chill person you'll ever meet.

If you want to contact me, I've linked a subscribestar. I'm also around as Mr_Face or Face Rizzi. No guarantees I'll respond when poked.

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I guess I may as well post up here right now about what I'm trying to do, why I'm trying to do it, and why it hasn't been done already. I want to have a career coding, and specifically making games. I sure wouldn't mind if my kinds and fetishes where involved.

It might seem like if I know a thing or two about coding (or at least enough to put up a website) things should be easy. I was under that impression too about four years ago. Things are not that easy. I've gotten this far thanks to a lot of people, and a big part of the emotional component was provided by the kinky mind control community.

Right, why nothing has been done yet. So, in college I was diagnosed with depression. Only, it wasn't. Took about four years to figure out it was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Depression you can treat by more or less dumping pills on it - it will either get better or give you room to work with a priest or therapist.

And well... in my case if I take that much medication, my system just freaks out. So there goes one year of trial and error. If I go to a therapist I end up thinking about things so fast that I invent new things that make me depressed or anxious. There goes about two years figuring.

Then there is about a year coming to terms with all the ups and downs that go with the condition. And that because it is genetic, there's part of it that are fixtures in my life. And that was a fun year. I got to learn I could work sixty hour shifts and that I can lift more than my body weight off the floor. Still trying for double.

The main thing I'm trying to do is find a nice, quiet way of making 2400 dollars a month. That will pay my bills, student loans, and get me enough to feel secure in my apartment and save a bit.

As for whether I can pull it off. Well, proof is going to be in the output. Any help is welcome and appreciated. I'm going to be starting out by writing a few articles on coding, and maybe on art. There are some things I can do that I hope will inspire some folks.

In particular, I hope to get the community off rags and onto something a bit more modern and future-proof. That is a bit more generic than Ren'Py.

Any help is welcome and appreciated.


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